bookkeeping catch up

Can we fix it? Yes we can!

Reduce stress

We get it. Bookkeeping isn’t your thing. You started with the best intentions,  but busy schedules and heavy workloads got in the way. Now you have unreconciled bank transactions, unentered receipts, no cash flow, and a backlog of overdue GST lodgements. 

We can get you back on track! Bookkeeping is our thing. 

regain control

You have two choices.  Spend days sorting through paperwork and receipts. Or trust us to whip your books into shape. Bookkeeping is our thing.

We will:

  • review your file and current processes;
  • detail the things to fix;
  • make an action plan;
  • gather information;
  • prioritise tasks
  • reduce your stress

regaining control is easy

discovery call

To talk about your frustrations and problems, and future plans.

custom proposal

Receive a custom proposal presenting solutions to your problems.

on boarding

We to work reclaiming your time and putting you in control.


Focus on what you do best.