Small business

  • Bookkeepers Are All the Same!

    All bookkeepers are the same. They only do data entry. I will hire the cheapest bookkeeper I can find. Right? Wrong! Bookkeeping is more than data entry. If you want to throw your money away, engage the cheapest bookkeeper you can find. Here are 4 reasons why cheap bookkeepers are money wasters. 1. Lack of […]


  • Cash Flow

    What You Need to Know About Cash Flow

    Cash flow and profit are the same, right? Wrong. Your business can generate high profits and have poor, or no, cash flow. For example, your accountant says the business made a profit. The day-to-day reality is there’s no money for the payroll. Sound familiar? It sounds like a cash flow problem. What is Cash Flow? […]


  • Bookkeeping

    Negative impacts of poor bookkeeping

    Running a small business is a constant struggle with daily decisions. When to spend? When to save? A more complicated decision than it would first appear. Bookkeeping is often at the top of the save list. Instead of hiring a professional bookkeeper, business owners sometimes try to do the books themselves. Or they hire an […]


  • Profitability Break-even point

    Business not making a profit? Do this!

    The best way to make more profit from your business: avoid losses. Seems simple right? But how do you avoid losses? How do you calculate turnover to ensure costs are covered make a profit? Break-even point. The key is knowing your business’s break-even point. Knowing your break-even point allows you to set pricing and sales […]