my bookkeeping is a mess!

Can we fix it? Yes we can!

We can get you back on track!

We understand bookkeeping is neither your passion nor your priority. And you may have had the best intentions when you started. But busy schedules and heavy workloads can often cause you to get behind.

Signs it might be time to get help:

  • Your monthly reconciliations aren’t happening
  • You have a big folder or box of unsorted receipts that need to be entered and filed
  • You never know the exact standing of your bank accounts
  • You have a hard time paying bills because of cash flow issues
  • You have a backlog of data entry for expenses and income received
  • You don’t bother running financial reports because you know the numbers will be off

Sound familiar? If these things apply to your current situation, then time to get TimeSmart on the job.

Regain control.

You have two choices to regain control. You can spend a few hours (or days!) sorting through paperwork and receipts. Or trust our 30+ years of experience to whip your books into shape, while you focus on the important stuff.

You will need to spend a little time to provide information, including details of bank accounts and transactions.

We will:

  • review your file and current processes;
  • detail the things to fix;
  • recommend next steps;
  • Work with you to gather information;
  • Prioritise the urgent, the important, and the nice to have
  • Fix your file

Are you ready to save time, worry less, and focus on your business?

Just leave us your contact details. We’ll answer all your questions in a format convenient for you.