overdue bas keeping you awake?

Save your sanity and give it to us! We will catch you up.

It’s normal to have overdue Business Activity Statements. Most of our new clients have at least ONE when they start working with us.  We understand, running a business is like being in a one-person army. Sometimes things fall through the cracks. You know you need to lodge.

When your BAS is overdue, the worst thing you can do is delay even longer. As you wait, you get more and more behind, which means the costs are more than financial.

What Does An Overdue BAS Cost You & Your Business?

Stress and headaches, sleepless nights, Fairwork or ATO fines, a distraction from more important things. The list is endless.

The good news

We can help!  We can fix up your accounts, get everything up to date, set you up with an electronic filing system so you can easily send us your receipts and invoices. We can even speak to the ATO for you, arrange a payment plan if needed.

Say goodbye to stress. Let us get your overdue BAS statement prepared and lodged quickly.

goodbye bas stress