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Rescue Bookkeeping

Save Your Sanity

Fallen behind on your bookkeeping? It happens to the best. We understand bookkeeping isn’t your thing. You started with good intentions, but busy schedules and heavy workloads got in the way. Rescue bookkeeping is our thing.

Bookkeeping catch up

What's Involved?

Simply bring your “shoebox of receipts” – don’t worry, we will show you how to get these to us digitally instead. Provide access to your bank statements and Xero file. Even if you’re missing documents or have messy records, we have you covered.

We’re experts at tackling months or years of tough historical bookkeeping and fixing up errors.

Rescue Bookkeeping Pricing

We’ll review your Xero file to make sure everything is complete and accurate for a 25% discount off our monthly pricing for each month we catch up. 

Bookkeeping catch up price


Hey there! I'm Kym Hausmann

As a small business owner and a serial entrepreneur with 30-years of experience in the financial dealings of business, I understand that the most precious resource of any organisation is time.

So, who am I? My name is Kym Hausmann, and I’m the number cruncher behind TimeSmart Business. I launched TimeSmart to help overwhelmed business owners reclaim their most precious resource: Their time. My team delivers powerful insights and guidance designed to help business owners of all sizes understand their numbers, create a strong plan for their future, and set the stage for organizational acceleration that helps them grow their business and boost their bottom line. 

How to get started

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We give you detailed pricing on how much it will cost and an implementation plan.

3. Relax

Relax and focus on what you do best, while we catch you up.