Time is a resource, like money, that you could use to grow your small business and take your profitability to the next level. It could be time to spend with family, friends or loved ones.

So here are eight ways a bookkeeper gives you back your time.

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1. Save time to focus on business needs

A business needs your attention to flourish. Your time is better spent on strategy, marketing, funding, and other vital areas requiring your focus.

2. Less time on the tedious bits

It’s hard to imagine that the financial aspects of your business make you excited. Does payroll inspire your passion? Bookkeepers love payroll; it is their business.

3. Work-life balance

Yes, you can focus on core business needs and handle everything else. But you won’t see your loved ones. No work-life balance puts you on the road to burnout.

4. A different perspective

While you think business is doing well, it helps to have another pair of eyes. Reports show you how you are doing each month, where the funds are going and if your efforts are paying off. The number-crunching leads to a big picture.

5. Stick to your knitting

Is your background in finance or accounting? Then leave it to the professionals. And you focus on the business.

6. No late payment fees

Between family, keeping your business moving forward, putting out the daily fires, and staying balanced, something gets left out along the way. Usually, it’s paying the bills. You don’t want late or forgotten payments and late fees.

A bookkeeper will keep you up-to-date.

7. Improved cash flow

Because you are crazy busy, your slowing paying customers could scape your attention. Any late payments impede the cash flow you need to keep your business humming along. Bookkeepers stay on top of customer payments and send reminders to slow payers.

8. Save money on financial obligations

Do you think you are saving money doing everything yourself? A professional bookkeeper saves you more. The reduced risk of human error, no more missed payments and tax obligation due dates, and speedier paying customers add up to more cash in your pocket.


From the time and money savings to the focus on expertise and greater cash flow, a bookkeeper makes good business sense. That is unless you plan to become a bookkeeper yourself so that you understand every aspect of your business.