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As your expert virtual CFO team, our experienced operational CFOs work with you to fine-tune your financial strategy to maximise shareholder value, accelerate growth, and achieve your growth and profit goals.

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What is a Virtual CFO?

A virtual CFO is a remote CFO who provides high-level CFO services to your company. This is a great way for smaller businesses to gain the experience of a high-level CFO without the cost of a comparably-experienced in-house CFO.

A CFO is an extremely strategic hire for businesses off any size to have. It should be considered an investment, not a cost, as the right CFO will alwaysprovide a return on our investment in the way of improved profit margins and cash flow, faster and more sustainable growth, more effective and efficient operations, improved vendor contracts and relationships, debt and equity funding, strategic relationships, and more.

What does the “Virtual” in Virtual CFO mean?

When some people hear the word “virtual,” you may think of automated reporting or run-of-the-mill strategy tips delivered by email every morning. While this may be true in some sectors—we’re looking at you, AI virtual assistants—it is not the case with virtual CFOs.

Virtual CFOs are traditional, high-level expertise of an educated and business-savvy CFO, who work remotely instead of in-house. In many cases, a virtual CFO will offer fractional or part-time services in order to service companies who are not yet ready for or in need of a full-time CFO. This is particularly true for:

  • Companies that have achieved significant growth but cannot yet justify the cost of an experienced in-house CFO.
  • Companies preparing for a transaction such as a capital raise, merger, acquisition, IPO, or sale.
  • Companies that are experiencing increased complexity.
  • Companies who have recently funded and want to manage their cash infusion wisely

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